Blackberry Picking at Anderson’s Berryland


This past week, we went to Kentucky to visit my Dad.  We were in luck, his Triple Crown, thornless blackberries were in season and ready to be picked!  These blackberries taste SO good and can be eaten directly from the vine.  Above you can see the box of berries that my kids and I picked.  It weighs about seven pounds.  There were so many blackberries, that picking these didn’t take us too long, even with me eating so many as we went along.


My Dad raises blackberries and strawberries to sell to the public.  His patch is called “Anderson’s Berryland” and is located in Western Kentucky.  People call for picking times and once they arrive, they are given containers to pick in.  The berries are poured into the wax lined boxes as seen above, weighed and then sent home with the customers.


Here’s a shot of the blackberry row from Anderson’s Berryland.  So easy to pick from, rows are clean and easily accessible.  Why would customers pay more to have pre-picked blackberries when picking conditions are so good?  Picking thornless blackberries on a trellis is MUCH easier than fighting the wild berries in the woods with the chiggers, ticks and snakes.

Looking for some extra work?  Most berry farms need day pickers and will pay by the pound for the berries that you pick in order to fill their pre-picked orders.  My boys picked berries for some existing orders while we were visiting and my boys could see dollar signs rolling inside their heads.  They had fun picking berries and made money at the same time – life was good!

Have you picked any blackberries this year?  If so, did you pick tame berries or wild ones in the woods?

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