FloRider Water Park Attraction Sucks Off SwimSuits

The boys and I have spent two days at the water park this week!  It’s been lots of fun, but I’ve had enough for awhile.  Yesterday we went and the heat index was at 107 degrees and the concrete got VERY hot.  Of course, no one wanted to wear their water shoes and this morning, my feet are punishing me for it.  The wait time for the larger attractions is about an hour of standing in line, so we did each one of those once on the first day and then had fun on the less popular rides during our second stay at the water park. We bought season passes early on this year and was able to grab a great discount and free parking for the season.  This makes it easy to go for a few hours and come home without feeling bad about the admission fees you spent for the day.


Here’s my boys’ favorite hangout!  They want me to try this so bad, but I’m not game for this attraction.  After having major knee surgery a few years ago, I am still a little leery about certain things and this is definitely one of those!  For you women that would like to try this, word to the wise – WEAR shorts AND a shirt over your bathing suit.  I have spent hours watching people ride this FloRider water park attraction and so many females lose their bikini bottoms and their tops while on this water ride. I really wish the theme park would post a warning sign on this ride stating that bikini’s/swimsuits are likely to be sucked off during this ride.  Think about how embarrassing it would be to be riding this wave board to have your bottom and top ripped off you in front of all the onlookers.  Yesterday we saw a lady lose both her top and bottom at the same time.  She reached for her bottoms first and then worked on getting her top back on while the lifeguard / ride attendant shielded her with the wave board until she was dressed.  Once she exited the FlorRider water park attraction, she took off running through the park, away from all the people who had watched her lose her suit.

boys waterpark

Here are my boys, they cannot wait to return so they can add a few tricks to their wave riding skills!  This ride is very powerful, so guys, make sure you tie those strings inside your shorts.  You’ll be glad you did!

Have you visited a water park this year?  If so, do they have a ride similar to the one above?

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