I Won A #Giveaway You Can TOO

I love to win giveaways!  It is so exciting to open an email to find out that you have won something.  I don’t win many giveaways but when I do, I make sure to send my shipping info over ASAP!  Do you enter many giveaways?  Have you won any giveaways this year?


Above you will see my latest “win.”  I just received them, threw them in the wash and placed them on my bed.  I’m not a fan of making up my bed, but when you’ve got new sheets, it makes all the difference in the world!  These sheets are pretty neat, but I have to say that they are the first set of sheets that required me to read the directions over a few times before getting them placed on my bed.  They have a regular fitted sheet that fits over the mattress, then the top sheet has a fitted bottom to it in order to keep it from coming untucked.  This is a pretty neat feature once I understood how the top sheet worked.

I was so excited when I found out that I had won these sheets because my bed was in need of a new set of sheets and this was the perfect way to replace them.  You have to admit it, free things always feel better!  Now I just need to win a new mattress pad and my bed will be fully updated!

If you are in need of a new place to find multiple giveaways, be sure to check out my giveaway linky.  It can be found in the top of my blog under “Enter/List Giveaways.”  There are always multiple giveaways on this page, so make sure to bookmark it.

What is the most awesome prize that you have ever won through a blog giveaway or sweepstakes?  How long has it been since you last won a giveaway?

HERE’S your chance! Enter to win the following giveaway for a chance at winning a gift card.  GET IN THERE!

108 thoughts on “I Won A #Giveaway You Can TOO”

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  2. I am most concerned about protecting my teens Facebook account, and there iPhone information.

  3. I would probably use it for sheets too. I noticed a tear in mine the last time I changed the bed.

  4. I’d probably save it for an upcoming vacation. Then, I’d use it for a splurge or special treat.

  5. I would save the gift card for a special occasion where I would easily be able to purchase what was needed for the event, such as saving it for one of my boys’ birthdays or Christmas.

  6. I think I’d use it pretty soon because I recently looked at my Amazon wishlist and saw some things on there I’d like to get.

  7. OMG, I would use it for my niece BD gift which I can’t afford. Fab. 2 fingers snap. . Thanks for the awesomeness, the contest, & generosity.

  8. It would be my daughter’s phone with Instagram, Snapchat and Facetime. I trust her but she is too trusting of others. It’s a daily worry for me. thank you!

  9. There always seems to be something to buy on Amazon. For $50 I might aggregating a bunch of little kitchen accessories I want, but, could probably live without.

  10. I think I’m most concerned about facebook. People tend to say where they are, where they are going, etc. and that concerns me.

  11. I would use it to buy a power bank for my cell phone. I use my cell phone as our camera for vacations and the battery doesn’t last long. A power bank to charge my phone would be an awesome help! Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  12. I always have an Amazon wish list on the go for DVDs being released, etc. And the girls always need kitchen stuff, so would likely use it pretty quickly!

  13. It would be a toss up between Facebook and the internet. So many predators out there just looking for a kid to prey upon. It worries parents and grandparents.

  14. If I were to win it I would probably use it when I received it. So many school supplies to buy, and cash is limited. But I would use it wisely.

  15. I would start my Christmas shopping. I love Amazon because I can get everything from Legos to kitchen appliances. Thanks for the giveaway!

  16. If I won this gift card I would use it to buy computer ink immediately and save the rest for Christmas presents.

  17. I would save it up until I get about a 100.00 balance then buy something more pricey.

  18. Oh definitely facebook accounts.. I think teen write too much stuff for others to read. Would be nice to have all the privacy information more private.

  19. Phone. Facebook too, but since they use everything on their phones having an overall protection there would be best. Thanks!

  20. If I won this, I would use it to a phone for my Mother. She really wants a new one and I think it is worth it to spend it for her.

  21. I’m most concerned about Facebook because it’s the largest social media site and there are millions of people using it. You have no idea who can steal your pictures or spread info. We need to be very careful!

  22. I will use for buy one smartphone because i need only $50 for buy it,already i have 120$ in my account

  23. I would save it for Christmas time when the budget is tight so that I can buy my family something special.

  24. If lucky enough to win, I will probably save this to use for Christmas presents for my granddaughter. Unless a REALLY good sale comes along on a Keurig. Then it’s Early Merry Christmas to Grandma! LOL!

  25. I know what I would use it for, but not sure when. I would use it to begin my Christmas Shopping for my kids… but it all depends on when I can strike the best deal… so I would keep it on hand at all times for that moment to arrive… could be the day after I got it or it could be December 24!! 😉

  26. I like that you can monitor their actions on their phone and the websites they use. Plus no one sees it but you.

  27. My daughter and I have a huge wish list of books & movies, so I think we’d use it right away 🙂

  28. I think SnapChat is one of the more dangerous apps…pictures are erased after a maximum of ten seconds.

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