Keep The Weeds AWAY!

pool weeds

It has been awhile since I have worked in our flower beds.  I had surgery a few years back on my knee, which held a long recovery time for me.  Kneeling down and working in flower beds just wasn’t anything that I looked forward to, so I abandoned my flower bed duties. This year for Mother’s Day my husband bought tons of flowers for our home.  He planted tons in the front and my son and I planted the remaining ones in our back flower beds.  It was hot, we were tired and just trying to get them all planted.  It never dawned on me that we’d need to spread weed preventer.  I used to use Preen on my beds every year, but again, it had been a few years since I had planted flowers and it just slipped my mind. A few weeds began to sprout, but no problem, I just pulled those out and was happy.

We went away from vacation and “Poof” the weeds took over!  Check out the picture above, you can see how bad my weeds were.  I weeded out half of the bed before taking the picture so you could see the difference.  Last night I finished all the weeding and then made sure to spread the Preen weed preventer EVERYWHERE!  I want to enjoy the flowers we planted, not get mad at all the weeds that are taking over my beds.

When you use Preen, make sure to wear gloves and spread it throughout your beds.  You can also use a hand crank spreader, but my area was small so it was easy to spread with my hands straight from the bag.

My husband has maintained our front flower beds, but the back flower beds haven’t been filled with flowers since my past knee surgery.  Once we get them back in line, they shouldn’t require so much attention.

Have you done any landscaping work this year?  If so, have the weeds stayed at bay or are they taking over your area too?

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