My Bed Bath & Beyond Accepts Outdated Coupon Mailers



Make sure to save the Bed, Bath and Beyond coupon mailers that come in your mail box.  I have found that my area Bed, Bath and Beyond store accepts outdated coupons, so I save them all and use them for all my Bed, Bath and Beyond purchases.  My local store will even let you purchase your item, bring your receipt back with your coupon  and redeem your savings at a later time if you should need to purchase but don’t have your coupon on hand at the time.  Make sure to ask your store about this before checking out to make sure that all locations practice the same coupon policies.

When shopping for a small appliance, I always check Bed Bath and Beyond first because one of their 20 percent off coupons makes a HUGE difference when purchasing a high priced item.  These coupon mailers have saved me a ton on large purchases such as my Dyson vacuum and  our juicer, but any savings is always good, no matter how small.

My last Bed, Bath and Beyond purchase was for my Ninja blender.  Before running to their store, I checked prices online and the prices at Bed, Bath and Beyond were exactly the same as the ones found directly on the Ninja site.  Why pay full price and wait for my blender to be shipped when I could get it on the same day and save 20% at my local Bed, Bath and Beyond by using my coupon mailer?

The next time you are thinking of making a higher priced purchase, browse the Bed, Bath and Beyond website to see if they have the item that you are looking for.  I always like to shop their bedding section.  They have great comforters, sheet set, pillows, etc. with great prices when you plan on shopping with a 20% coupon.

Plan ahead and start stock piling your coupon mailers now.  You never know when you’ll need to make an unexpected large purchase.


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