Prepare For Your Water Park Venture

Last week I spent three days at the water park with the kids.  We had fun, got a great start on our tans and stayed busy!

boys waterpark

Since I have spent so much time at the Wet N Wild water park, I’ve got some tips for you that will improve your water park trips!  Curious about the FloRider water attraction above?  Check out my earlier post:  FloRider Water Park Attraction Sucks Of Swim Suits.

Set A Time To Leave

Before getting to the water park, set a leaving time and make sure that everyone understands what time they will be leaving the park.  This makes it SO much easier when it’s time to go home.  This way everyone is prepared to go and doesn’t beg to stay for just “one more ride.”

Apply Sunblock Before Leaving The House

Apply the sunblock while at home before kids get to the park.  Once they get there, they are way too excited to want to stand still while you apply sunblock.

Eat Before Going

Even drive through food is much cheaper than the food inside the water park.

Find Out If Water Park Allows Outside Food

If they allow outside food, be sure to pack some non-melting snacks for everyone.

Meeting Point

Find a meeting point in the water park once you get there.  We always planned our meeting point  at the locker area since we only had one locker key and everyone’s money would be locked up for the day.  Since I was the locker keyholder, the rest of the group had to meet up with me in order to get to any of their personal items inside our locker.

Rent A Locker

Since we have a water park season pass, we are planning on making many trips to the water park this season.  Lockers were $9 per trip or approximately $29 for a locker season pass.  We signed up for the locker season pass on our first visit, so in just three trips we’ve almost come clear on our locker season pass fees.  Don’t bring too much money with you to the water park.  The lockers at the water park we visited were only liable for $20 if your locker were to be broken into.  Instead of taking your wallet with all your credit cards and cash, minimize the amount of money that you take with you to the park.

Pack Light

You are not always guaranteed a large locker once you get inside the water park.  If you have packed a ton of stuff and medium/small lockers are the only ones available, then all of your items will not fit.  It would be horrible to have to rent two lockers just to hold all of your items.  If you mash your stuff in your locker too tight, it is very possible that your locker will jam shut.  This will just cause more time and hassle for you while on your water park venture.

Cheap Waterproof Watch

We were not able to find any clocks anywhere in the waterpark, not even in the gift shops or at the food counters.  We needed to know what time it was so we could get back home on time, so a waterproof watch was a must!  If you are going with a group that will be splitting up, be sure that each group has a waterproof watch so you can plan to meet back at your meeting point at a certain time.  My son and I found great waterproof watches for $10 from the sporting goods store.

Water Shoes

Not all water shoes are attractive, but they do keep the bottoms of your feet from burning on the hot concrete.  Trust me, I found out the hard way – so get a pair and wear them.  You can also bring your flip flops along, just be prepared to carry them or set them aside when you come to rides where they will fall off your feet.

Arrive Early On Weekdays

You are more likely to skip the huge lines if you are there once the park opens.  Once the crowds start coming in, the lines will be horrible.  You will also want to visit the water park on a weekday instead of on the weekend if at all possible!

Cooler In Car

Have a cooler with drinks and snacks waiting for you once your day at the water park is over.  Cold drinks and a few snacks are priceless after a long, hot day in the sun.

Have Fun!

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