Radisson Hotel & Suites Downtown Austin, Texas

Austin hotel window

This past weekend, we stayed in Austin, Texas for the first time.  We were excited about the trip because we were attending a weekend long basketball tournament with our oldest son’s team which was held nearby in Buda Texas.  Everyone was staying at Radisson Hotel & Suites in downtown Austin, Texas.   The picture above was taken from the Radisson Hotel’s parking garage.  Since we were staying at the hotel, the parking garage fees were $18.00 per day.  Each floor of the garage was dedicated to a different size vehicle, valet parking, etc.  We were allowed to park anywhere in the garage on floors 3-6.

austin hotel water

Here’s a morning shot from the downtown Radisson Hotel & Suites parking garage in Austin, Texas.  Every time we were in the garage, we saw people in the water riding in different types of boats.  This was an excellent view, too bad we couldn’t have seen this from our room.  Instead, our room faced out over the front of the hotel, where you saw nothing but HUGE amounts of traffic, except for early morning time, when the streets were unbelievably quiet.

radisson hotel pool

Here’s a night time view of their outdoor infinity pool.  The kids had tons of fun here, with the water fountains and night time lights, but as parents, this pool brought on worry because it wasn’t lit enough for safe night time swimming.  Someone could have easily went under and not come back up without anyone knowing if they weren’t being watched every minute.


Check out the Smart Car in the photo above.  We saw these white and blue cars all over Austin and finally asked someone about them.  We were told they were rental cars used by both locals and visitors that could be found online at Car2Go.com.  We checked out their site and these cars start off at 41 cents plus tax per mile, then the price runs up to 45 cents plus tax per mile after 150 miles.  There are also different prices per hour and per day.  In order to get one of these cars, you become a member online, then locate a car around you or book online 30 minutes beforehand. Pretty neat concept, it didn’t take long for us to become interested in these small blue and white cars.

Have you ever visited Austin?  How was your experience?

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