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The Kindle App for Smartphones is very user friendly!  I have an iPhone 5 and just installed this app on my phone this past weekend.  Once this app was installed, it asked me for my Amazon account information so it could download any books that I were currently saved inside my Amazon account.  Since this would be my first e-book experience, there were no books inside my Amazon account, so the Kindle App was useless until I bought an ebook to use with it.

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The book image above is what you will find when shopping on Amazon for ebooks.  You are allowed to read a little of the book to see if it looks like something that you’d be interested in before you actually purchase the book.  The “Look Inside” is a great feature when you have several titles to choose from.

When I was ready to purchase my ebook, I visited, found the author I was looking for and quickly bought the ebook.  Once the ebook was purchased, it downloaded right to my Kindle App on my iPhone.  I guess I am just “Old School” but I have always loved being able to touch my books, turn their pages and know how many pages were in each chapter or left within my book as I read forward.  I never had any urge to read an ebook, but I needed to step out of my comfort zone and just give this a try.  If I didn’t like it, then I didn’t have to purchase any additional ebooks and I could go back to purchasing paperback books.  I use my smartphone for everything throughout the day when I have to be away from the computer, so why not read a book on it too?

Reading the ebook was eye opening, and I have to say that it is definitely a much better experience than I had hoped for.  I immediately suggested that my 14 year old son should do this too since he reads on trips and then ends up holding a flashlight to his book once it gets too dark to see in the back seat.  Using the Kindle app would allow his phone to light up the pages for him while he read in the car.  I also think that my youngest would benefit from ebooks as well.  Reading on an iPad may be more “fun” than the regular pages that he usually pushes through.  Too bad I didn’t push myself to test out the Kindle App earlier, but what can I say, I can be hard headed at times!

I started reading my ebook yesterday and the Kindle app told me all the specifics that I normally look into while reading plus a little more.  Here are some examples of what the Kindle App has told me so far:

  • 5 out of 305 (current page number out of total pages)
  • 6 minutes left of this chapter
  • 75% done (75% book completed)
  • 2 hours 20 minutes estimated time left until you finish this book

I truly believe that reading the ebook is faster than reading paperbacks.  Also, since I carry my phone everywhere I go, I can’t forget to take my book with me.  No matter where I am, I always have access to my book and the Kindle App always holds my place for me.

BUT know that using the Kindle App to read for long periods of time will drain your cell phone battery quickly.  I had to stop reading twice yesterday to charge my phone up, but keep in mind, my phone is also being used for work emails, texts, etc. throughout the day as well.  It doesn’t get much rest from me throughout the day if I am away from the computer.

If you own an iPhone and have been set against ebooks, give them a shot through the Free Kindle App.  There’s no need to head out to purchase an ereader when your phone will work just fine.  If you want the words a little larger, just hold your phone horizontally.  The iPhone Kindle App experience will allow you to purchase cheaper books and keep them handy at all times.

Find time for yourself this week and enjoy a great book!

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  1. I don’t actually use my cell phone for very much as I normally try to bring my huge bulky laptop all over the place and when I can’t do that I stick my kindle in my purse. The kindle sticks out though and I have already lost a kindle so maybe dragging it all over isn’t a great option after all. I will try putting the kindle app on my iPhone5 and see how it goes! I love that it tells you how much a book is left and about how long it should take you to get there!

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