Road Trip Coolers Are A Must – Get Organized!


I carry a cooler in my car at all times whether I am headed out on a few errands or planning for a long road trip. I use this cooler to hold my “melt-able” snacks and a few drinks.  This keeps my family from having the urge to stop for a drink or a snack when we’re away from the house.  My “cooler carrying addiction” has truly saved my family TONS of money because if I didn’t have drinks accessible, my family would be buying multiple drinks and snacks from the gas station each time we were in the car for more than two hours at a time.

As for road trips, I like to pack two coolers.  I keep a small cooler handy near the front of the vehicle and a larger cooler in the very back, full of multiple drinks, snacks, etc.  This makes it easy for us to eat and drink from the small cooler and allows us to restock from the larger cooler as needed.

large cooler

Carrying the different sized coolers really helps out when you stay at a motel.  You can take your large bag inside to restock on ice and then carry the smaller cooler back and forth to the car with you to use throughout your stay in that area.  This will keep you stocked with drinks and will also keep you from packing a large, heavy cooler back and worth each time you leave your motel room.

The cooler is also a must for your hotel stay.  Have you ever checked in and found yourself checking room service prices, walking the halls looking for a vending area or having to leave your hotel in search of food because you need something to eat and have nothing with you?  I pack a small laundry hamper of snacks for road trips and hotel stays as well.  It never fails, everyone gets tucked in for the night and one of the kids decides they need something to eat or drink.  It is great to always have drinks and snacks accessible in the room so that the kids have fun hotel food without the hassle of leaving the room to hunt it down.  Sometimes we get a later start than we had intended and being able to grab some breakfast from the cooler and my snack basket is always a plus.

Do you carry drinks and snacks with you on a regular basis?

2 thoughts on “Road Trip Coolers Are A Must – Get Organized!”

  1. Excellent idea! It never fails for us either! Every time we travel we stop a million times for snacks and drinks, then at the hotel too! Great idea!

    1. Thank you Alaina! Just remember to raid your snack cabinet before leaving for vacation or if needed, make a small “snack run” to the store before you leave town.

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