Spend Quality Time With Your Family

Travis Dad working

We visited family in Kentucky last week and were about to leave back home for Texas, when the porch windows for the Grandparent’s new enclosed porch came in.  The back porch project was a big one, so my husband volunteered to stay longer in order to help get the project underway.  We all pulled together and got started by installing 6 large windows.  Next came flooring and drywall the following day.  Travis and Dad had a good time working together.  Travis loves new projects and really enjoyed learning about installing drywall as seen in the picture above.

Travis building wall

Here’s Travis again, as his measuring skills are being put to the test.  The good thing about this outdoor project is that the weather felt so much better in Kentucky than it does in Texas.  Working outdoors on a Texas afternoon in July can get downright unbearable, but working on this porch project, we didn’t have any heat related issues.  We were just working against the rain that threatened to ruin all our drywall.  We spent a huge amount of time running all the tools, drywall, etc. indoors and then even more time getting our workstation set back up again once the rain had passed.

Travis really wanted to be able to completely finish out this room, but there was still lots to do when we left.  It was time to get back to Texas life, Dakota was at the boarding facility waiting for us and our yard was probably growing out of control with each additional day we were gone.  We headed back to Texas in the van, hit horrible road construction and sixteen hours later we were pulling into our driveway.

Summer road trips are fun, but so exhausting.  We’re back home, and in the process of getting rested back up.

Do you have any upcoming road trips planned?


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