Time Saving Makeup Tips

You don’t have to be a professional makeup artist to get perfect, flawless looking makeup.  I’ve spent years learning about makeup and making it look as natural as possible. I have some makeup tips and techniques that will make your life SO much easier. The best thing is, these makeup tips are time savers. They aren’t going to add to the time you already spend in the bathroom in the morning getting ready.

Raccoon Eyes?

Getting mascara to apply right is a problem for most women. They either end up stabbing themselves in the eye, or getting mascara everywhere. Most of the time when it’s wiped, it gives off a raccoon look. Not too appealing, huh?

For the bottom lashes, take a plastic spoon and place it under your eyes so that your lashes are OVER the spoon. This will keep the mascara from getting on your skin. It also helps to get the lashes better coated with mascara, resulting in thicker- less clumpy lashes.


Image Source: Live Gorgeous

For the top lashes, take a business card and place it directly behind your lashes. If you don’t have a business card available, any card that you don’t need any more will work. Just know that if it’s paper, it will be forever marked. Instead of applying the mascara normally though, you swipe the wand left to right instead of up and down.


Image Source: Fitness Magazine

Dried out mascara?

Don’t fret. We’ve all reached a point in our makeup history where we’ve reached for the mascara tube to find it all clotted and not very usable. You don’t have to pitch the tube just yet, there IS a solution and a VERY easy one. Take your mascara tube and put it down inside a coffee cup of very hot water. You can  also just slide your mascara tube under very hot running water. Either way, you get the same effect, it warms the mascara and makes it usable again.


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  1. Great tips I had never thought about those. I will be using these tips when I put my makeup on next time

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