Unattended Cars KILL Children, Educate Yourself!


After watching the latest news about father Justin Ross whose 22 month old son died after he left him alone in his car for hours, I decided to research deeper into this issue.  Hyperthermia is another name for a heat stroke and children are at a much greater risk for a heatstroke than adults.  This is because a child’s body will heat up 3 to 5 times faster than the body of an adult. Internal organs start to shut down once body temperature reaches 104 degrees.  Once the body temperature reaches 107 degrees the person will die.

Children are at a great risk for Hyperthermia in cars because once they are left unattended, there is no one inside to assure the vehicle’s temperature are safe.  Since a child’s temperature regulation systems are not fully developed, their bodies heat up very quickly.

 Children who have died because they were left in an unattended vehicle range from the following:

  • Over half the cases, distracted caregivers forgot about them (52%)
  • Children are playing and climb into an unlocked car or trunk and cannot get out (about 30%)
  • Children are intentionally left alone to die (about 17%)

These statistics were taken from Childrens.com


Did you know that it doesn’t even have to be hot outside for cars to heat up to dangerous heat levels?  Light which comes in through the vehicle’s windows can heat up the car to dangerous levels.  Cracking your windows doesn’t do much good since a cracked window cannot help much in letting trapped heat escape from such a hot vehicle.

Have you heard of the Shoe Trick which will safeguard caregivers from forgetting to grab their children from the car once they hit their destination?  This trick involves removing your left shoe and placing it in the backseat with your child.  Who would get out of the car and not notice their missing shoe?  Make sure to watch the following video from News-Press.com to learn more about the Shoe Trick.

I also found the following from a survey which was published on the SafeKids.org website:

  • 11 % of parents admit to forgetting their child in an unattended car
  • Nearly 1 in 4 parents of a child under the age of three has forgotten their child in an unattended car.
  • Dads are nearly three times more likely to leave their child in an unattended car than moms.

Many parents truly believed that cracking the windows made a difference in the heat of the vehicle.  This is very sad, because cracking the window just doesn’t work when it comes to intense temperatures that can quickly  build up inside a vehicle.

Photo Credit:  www.gachd.org & news.discovery.com

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