3 Must Know Tricks for Healthy Nails

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We’ve all had our share of nail blunders:  broken nails, red cuticles, a hangnail… you name it.  I admit I get my hair caught in my nails a lot, which end up making my nails snag and tear from time to time.  My nails used to be very weak and chipped easily, especially if I washed dishes or my hair, the prolonged exposure to the water was a nail catastrophe.

So, how do we keep our nails healthy, nourished and keep them safe from becoming brittle and hard?  Healthy enough so they don’t end up tearing and breaking?  It isn’t as hard as it seems, you just need to add a couple tips from below into your nail routine!

*Rubber Gloves

Like I was saying earlier, placing my nails in water made them soft and they would rip.  To prevent your nails from getting exposure to water wear rubber cleaning gloves.  This will also help prevent your nails from getting bleach and other household chemicals on them, which can break them down.

*Regular Manicures

This doesn’t have to be done at a salon.  Give yourself a weekly manicure, even if you don’t wear nail polish.  At least stick on a base coat, strengthener, and top coat.  You will also need to moisturize your cuticles (a tad bit of olive oil would work) during these weekly manicures.  This will keep your cuticles soft and moisturized as well as safe from cracking.

*Avoid Acrylics

I don’t know about you, but there are alot of people who dislike them.  They might look awesome while they are on, but acrylic nails make my real nails extremely thin.  It also takes my nails about a month to bounce back.  They file your nails/ buff them down so much that it MAKES the nail thin on purpose.  Wearing acrylic nails hurts your REAL nail bed.

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  1. Great tips. My nails are unhealthy due to my regular trips to the nail salon. I’ve been getting my nails done, gosh for 20 years at least. I take them off and rest my nails a couple months out of the year but they are so thin. They grow but break so easily.

    Thanks for sharing. Passing this along! Happy Wednesday!

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