Kids Took The Cinnamon Roll Challenge

Just one more week before school starts for us, so we have been taste testing cinnamon rolls for the last few mornings.  This idea came about when our grocery store was sold out of our favorite cinnamon rolls for two visits in a row.  Bobby really wanted to make some cinnamon rolls and he decided that he couldn’t wait around for our grocery to restock their shelves so we grabbed a few other packages of cinnamon rolls and headed home.

cinnamon roll

Out of all the cinnamon rolls that we tried, these HUGE Cinnabon cinnamon rolls brought the most smiles!  The kids were so excited to see how big they were once they were finished cooking.  These rolls were different than the other brands because we had to spread on a layer of cinnamon spread before cooking them.  Unfortunately, my kids didn’t like the added cinnamon spread, but I did!  I can make cinnamon rolls for the kids and stay out of the pan, but after I made the mistake of trying these, I ate the whole last cinnamon roll before I knew it!

cinnamon roll one

Here is one of the Cinnabon rolls on a full size plate, look how big it is!  My husband would have really like to have eaten it, but unfortunately I got to it first!

frozen cinnamon rolls

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The kids also tried a package of cinnamon rolls that looked similar to the ones above that came from the freezer section at the grocery.  We thawed them out the night before so they would be ready for breakfast the next morning.  The rolls looked good, but my kids weren’t fans of the icing.
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After our cinnamon roll taste test was complete, the boys decided that we should stick to our old favorite, Pillsbury Reduced Fat Cinnamon Rolls with Icing.  This taste test was fun, and adventurous as far as taste testing goes.  The boys and I have also ran a hot chocolate taste test that can be found on this post:   “We took the low calorie hot chocolate challenge.”

Have you held a taste test challenge at your house?  If so, what kind of food did you test out?


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  1. What an ingenious idea. I would have never thought about doing something so simple but yet so much fun making it a fun Family activity. You know I am going to the store to pick up a can of your favorite rolls. I think I am going to have to come up with my own taste test challenge. Yum~

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