DIY Makeup Brush Cleaner

Did you know you are supposed to wash your makeup brushes at least every 2 – 4 weeks?  By doing this, you are washing off packed-on makeup (this can result in your makeup not actually being applied, but sticking to the old makeup on the brush).  You will also be killing any and (mostly) all bacteria that have been collected on the brushes.  This bacteria is really yucky and you can eventually get an infection from it if it touches an open wound or sore.  If you take care of your brushes, they can literally last you a lifetime (if you bought the higher-up brand) and that’s the point in owning them, right?  I always want to use my stuff until I absolutely cannot use it anymore, so buying less often is better!

Cleaning your makeup brushes is really simple and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg (like buying new brushes all the time will!)

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All you need is the following:

  1.  A bowl
  2.  Dish soap/ baby wash
  3.  Olive oil
  4.  Your dirty makeup brushes

 Here’s what you do:

  1. Mix equal parts of the soap and olive oil in your bowl (it doesn’t need to be much, so a smaller bowl will work just fine as well).
  2. Wet your makeup brushes with water
  3. Work the wet brush into the body wash and olive oil mixture.
  4. Rinse all the way through and gently squeeze the excess water out of the makeup brush bristles
  5. Prop your brush handle up higher than the bristles and let it air dry.
  6. Repeat steps 2-6 with each of your brushes

Don’t forget to do this at least every 2-4 weeks!  This will keep your makeup brushes around longer and your makeup will be applied much easier than it would with a dirty makeup brush!  If you have any makeup brush cleaning tips, please feel free to share them!

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