Fun & Educational Gift Ideas For Children


Nature vs Nuture

Choosing the right gifts for children can be tricky at the best of times, so I put together a quick list of ideas that are both fun and educational if you’re stuck between a rock and hard place trying to decide.  The best way to help children learn and develop is to sneak some education into their playtime, not only does this engage, but it will also give them a head start in the learning process and may even help your child discover early on a passion they didn’t know existed.


For older children musical instruments are a great way to develop your childs creativity a kids drum set will help develop their hand-eye co-ordination, while guitars for slightly older children are a great starting point for helping them tap into their creative streak.  Be it either of these two, the piano or even the violin, getting your child used to music at an early age is the best way to give them every opportunity to hone these skills in later life.   If your child is a little older and wants to create their own music beats, you could gift them a Singular Sound drum machine. This can help them create realistic sounds and tracks.

Building blocks

For youngsters building blocks are a great toy that encourage fun and logic in equal measure.  I guess in today’s modern world some may see them as slightly old fashioned but their benefits are undeniable.  Concepts of space and distance are tested along with discovering the limitations of length and width.  Learning how to combine shapes, discovering what fits and what doesn’t is the earliest experience many will have of basic math.

Play Dough

Play dough is a great way to boost a childs imagination, its soft material is easily manipulated to create fun shapes and faces.  Its’ responsive nature also helps to develop the little ones strength in their fingers, wrists and hands.  One of the best ways to get the most out of the material is a game of ‘show and copy’ show your child a picture and get them to re-create this using the play dough, not only does this encourage their memory but also their creativity.

Ball games

Ball games are a great way to bond and play with your child.  Not only will it encourage exercise and healthy activity that they can carry through to their later years, it also helps to nurture muscle and bone structure.  Through nurturing your children’s instinct to play you ensure you’re giving them the best possible start in life while strengthening the bond that lasts a lifetime.

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