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Don’t Fight It – Fix It With Healthy Hair Tips & Tricks!

We all crave flowing, silky, luxurious hair. Hair that looks shiny and healthy as well as nourished and moisturized. Hair that is soft and smooth to touch. Somehow along the way, we run into problems.  We end up damaging our hair in so many ways. Whether it’s chemicals, heat, or chlorine I have some tips to help you out.

  1. Scalp tissue is a lot like facial tissue; it can retain a ton of bacteria. This bacteria mixed with your natural hair oil can actually stunt your hair growth. If you have fine hair and are looking for more volume (and healthier hair), the cleaner your hair is the better off you are. The oils and bacteria that naturally grow on the scalp will weigh hair down and flatten it.
  2. Your hair is at its’ most vulnerable when it’s wet. Refrain from brushing or combing your hair when it’s wet, because it can cause extreme hair breakage. Try to wait until it is slightly damp or all the way dry. This will keep your hair from breaking (which will lessen the amount of split ends you have).
  3. Avoid using any hair clips or hair ties that have metal pieces. These metal pieces can damage the hair, causing it to break off.
  4. Wait until your hair is damp before you blow dry it. The less heat you use, the better. Do not try and blow dry your hair straight after washing it. it will not only take you forever to dry it, but it will add extra time that your hair is exposed to heat.
  5. If you DO blow dry your hair or use a flat iron make sure you add a deep conditioner to your hair at least once a week. High heat can cause strain on your hair follicles which lead to split ends and brittle hair. Deep condition your hair. You can use a DIY Mask for damaged hair or buy one, either way—you need to add protein back into your hair.

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  1. Great tips Bobbie.

    I have frizzy hair…this Texas heat doesn’t help any either so I always have some kind of hair treatment on hand. I never dawned on me to blow dry my hair when it’s damp not wet, makes sense :).

    Definitely passing this along. TGIF! Have a great weekend!

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