Keep Past School Picture Order Forms

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I decided to clean off my computer desk, which had a huge stack of papers that had been pushed aside and I found school picture order forms for both of my sons.  This made me very upset to think that I had been so busy that I had missed the school photo ordering deadlines.  I decided to call and see if I could still order school photos, but of course no answer.  I hopped on the photo website and entered in my child’s promo code and happily I was able to order prints from last Spring!

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Hoping that I had luck on my side, I hopped on the second photo website and was able to order this set of prints too!  SOOO happy, I was feeling horrible because my eighth graders prints were very good and he was proud of them.  I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t taken the time to make that a priority.

I’ve learned a few good lessons from this experience:

  1. Make it a priority to order your child’s prints once they are sent home
  2. Always keep your order forms in case you’d like to reorder in the future

Thank goodness for online school photo websites.  They truly saved the day for me.  I have always turned the photo money into the school and then the pictures are sent home with my son once they arrive.  I would usually order extra pictures for the grandparents and then deliver them personally when we visit or mail them.  Now that I have ordered online, I see that this would be an awesome way to share prints with your family members.  I don’t know about your family, but mine is always asking for specific sizes, if I were to send them the order code and website link they could easily customize a photo package.  This way everyone would get exactly what they wanted.

How do you order your child’s school photos?


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