Pediatric Dentists Put Kids At Ease

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I wish I would’ve had a dentist like this when I was a little girl.  I was so afraid of my dentist and made myself absolutely sick each time I had to go for a check up.  Check out my boys’ pediatric dentist, all the kids can go at once!  Have a look at the ceiling, you will see a mounted television which makes it possible for the kids to watch television throughout their dentist appointment.   My boys never take this option, but there are always three movies to choose from.  You select your movie and you are given a set of headphones and the movie is started before any dental work is done.

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Check this out, four dental chairs on this side and then four on the other.  There are also places for other family members to sit nearby.  See the lady ducking down.  I asked if I could take a picture, so I think she thought she could “duck” out of it.  So many families were coming through, that I was in a hurry to snap a picture while the chairs were all empty.

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Finally, the examination is over and time for the goody bag.  As a child, I can remember choosing a pencil and maybe a sticker, but have a look at this pediatric dentist’s goody bag.

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My older son didn’t receive the canvas bag, but all the other goody items were the same with the exception of a larger tooth brush.  It is very important to take your children to a pediatric dentist if you can.  Our pediatric dentist goes out of his way to make our kids comfortable.  They are so much braver at the dentist than I ever was.  Looking back at my teeth cleanings, I feel horrible for my mother.  She must have dreaded taking me because I would literally gag until the dentist would let me up to go to the bathroom.  Once I was in the bathroom I would make myself throw up.  Then, every time, the dentist would let me go home and return back to finish my teeth cleaning on another day.  That would be horrible if my kids acted that way, thank goodness for our awesome pediatric dentist.

Wednesdays is the best day for us to visit our dentist because they have a guy that sits in the waiting room and either gives you a  juggling lesson or makes you an awesome balloon animal.

Does your child do well at the dentist?  Do your children see a pediatric dentist?


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