Thorlos Sock Review #Giveaway – #Win 2 Pairs ENDS 9/1

I received socks from for my family in order to facilitate my review.  All opinions are my own.

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 Thorlos says “Your Feet Will Feel Better Or Your Money Back!”

Thorlos offers different types of socks in order to meet almost everyone’s needs. While setting up this sock review, I told Thorlos a little bit about each of my family members that helped them to select the perfect pair of socks for each of us.


Here’s the Thorlos unisex walking socks that were selected for my husband.  My husband said they were comfortable and of course I had to try them out too.  They were too big for me, but if I had the right size, I think I’d really like them.  They had padded areas in just the right spots for comfort.  These socks were especially for walking foot protection.  They are made for those with feet that hurt during or after an activity.  The padding has been clinically shown to reduce blisters, pain, pressures and moisture.

In selecting the socks for my husband, Thorlos made sure that we ordered the correct size.  A sock that is too big can affect how your shoe fits on your foot when wearing your padded socks.  Make sure and always get the right size socks so you won’t have to adjust your shoe size in order to wear them comfortably.


These are the socks that Thorlos selected for me, don’t you love the color?  These socks are the Experia Runner’s World Gear socks with aero-dynamic fit protection without added weight.  They are made from coolmax and feel great!  These socks are great for my fitness classes where running is involved.  In order to stay on top of your game, it is very important to have quality socks and quality shoes.  Worn out shoes and thin, non supportive, sweat soaked socks are not a good combination!  These socks would be perfect for vacations where you know you will be walking all day or in my opinion, great for every day wear as well.


These socks were selected for my eight year old.  I love them because they feel durable, are easy to slip on and have gray on the bottom of them.  You know how many times younger kids slip outside in their socks.  White bottomed socks will look horrible in no time at all.  These socks are in the kid’s sport collection and area also made with coolmax fiber.   These socks are like the walking protection socks that were sent for my husband, their padding has been clinically shown to reduce blisters, pain, pressures, moisture and add to all around exploring time for kids!


Left sock is shown with topside up – Right sock shoes the bottom view

Here are the socks that were sent to the basketball player of the family.  My son is fourteen and very into socks and basketball shoes.  He doesn’t wear short socks and is never caught without some type of elite socks with a wild factor to them.  When we were setting up this review, I told Thorlos that I would love for my son to be a part of this review too, but we’d have to find the perfect socks for him or he wouldn’t want to wear them.  Check out the socks they sent for him, they are similar to the Experia Runner’s World socks that I was sent.  They are the XCXU Experia Multi-Activity socks and offer aero-dynamic fit protection without added weight and are made of coolmax fiber.

Travis wore his socks to a basketball tournament and said the best things about his socks were that they stayed up throughout his games and they fit well.  This says a lot coming from the boy who is SUPER particular about his footwear!

Travis Thorlo Socks 2

Thorlos even has “Free Pair Offers.”  These offers are limited to one per billing address.  US residents will pay $4.90 for shipping and handling and expected delivery ranges from four to six weeks.  This Free Pair Offer is definitely worth looking into!

Thorlos is offering a giveaway where one winner will receive two pairs of Thorlos socks of their choosing along with free shipping.  In order to be eligible to win, you must be a US resident, age 18 and up.  Once the winner is randomly chosen, they will be sent over an email address that will be used in making their order for their two free pairs of Thorlos socks.  If needed, Thloros will be happy to help the winner make their sock selections and answer any questions they may have.

Good luck on your entries!  Remember to bookmark this giveaway so you can come back daily to retweet the giveaway in return for extra entries on the giveaway form.




25 thoughts on “Thorlos Sock Review #Giveaway – #Win 2 Pairs ENDS 9/1”

  1. If I won my son would receive the socks the the kids sport socks would be great for cooler weather. Thanks for the chance

  2. My son would get these socks for hiking. These are the best socks for hiking because of their thick protection from blisters.

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  4. I would give them to my son because he does a lot of walking and is particular about his socks. Thorlos are his favorites.

  5. if i win i would give it to them my boys or my daughter who needs them for hiking trips.

  6. I’d get these for myself. I have an upcoming trip that will involve LOTS of walking and hiking and these socks would be perfect to keep me on my toes!

  7. If I won the socks I would keep them for my self. I guess you could say my feet are somewhat challenged and I could use all the help I could get. Your sock help reduce and pressure and that would be very helpful to me and my feet.

  8. My daughter would get the socks for her visits to the gym. I’d like the XCCU Unisex Experia® Multi-Activity Socks with COOLMAX® fiber.
    Thank you!

  9. If I am the lucky duckie (*)< quack quack winner I will be getting a pair for myself and a pair for my hubbie. Winter is around the corner! We want warm toes!

  10. I think I would like to get some for my husband because he goes through socks like crazy. I’m not sure if it’s because of the boots he has to wear from work or what but it’s crazy! I’d love to find a nice strong sock that will last awhile!

  11. I would keep the Thorlos for myself because they help my neuropathy not be as painful on my feet.

  12. I would use them because I’m very hard on socks since I don’t wear shoes in the house.
    Thanks for the contest.

  13. They would be for my daughter. She has had an operation on her achilles tendon at a young age, and her feet tend to hurt easily.

  14. I would wear the padded socks to reduce blisters, pain, pressures and moisture while walking and exercising. thank you

  15. I would get the men’s casual crew for my husband since he does a lot of walking at work, and has to have comfortable shoes and socks due to bone spurs on his feet.

  16. If I won I would give these to my daughter in her Christmas stocking, I always give her a couple pair and these look like great quality socks.

  17. If I won I would let my daughter have them. She is an avid outdoorswoman, hiker, and camper. Foot gear is important.

  18. They would be for me. I love to walk and hike and have a hard time finding socks that will stay up in my walking shoes. These look like they would do the job for me.

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