5 Ways To De-Stress


Working online can be very stressful with short deadlines and lots of requests, so it is important that I take time to de-stress when needed.  Below you will find the top ways that I use when on stress overload.


I always have a much better day when I start it off with a little exercise.  Whether you choose to go the fitness room in the local gym, attend a group fitness class or enjoy a bike ride /walk in your neighborhood, it does wonders for your stress level.  My favorite exercise activity is attending the group fitness classes.  These classes allow me to both socialize with my friends and challenge myself to outrun / outlast others.  In order to get the most out of these classes, I must push myself.  After all, it’s a waste of time driving to the class, waiting for it to start and driving back home if you are not going to give it 100% once you get there!  Not everyone can find that kind of energy to get up and go with their exercise routine, which is understandable.  This is why some people may turn to supplements such as tongkat ali, which can be found on tongkat ali australia, for example.  It has the benefit of boosting energy as well as stamina, and it can potentially decrease stress levels, a win-win.

Sit Outside

Sometimes I just need to get out of the house for awhile in order to de-stress.  Sitting outside for just a few minutes on the porch can work wonders when your stress level is elevated.

Watch TV

When night time comes, it is time for me to get away from my computer and my phone.  This is the time to step back from emails and unwind.  A bowl of popcorn and a great movie always helps me relax.

Read a book

I never made time for reading books since I read online all day, but Kimberly over at LittleCrunchy.com recommended that I try out the Kindle App on my iPhone since I worked from my phone so much.  I had minor surgery and felt horrible so I thought that was the best time to test it out.  Bam!  I was hooked.  From then on out, I keep a new book loaded on my Kindle App and read before bed or when waiting for an appointment, etc.  Reading draws me into the story and before you know it I am lost in another world, without any worries or stress from my job.

Chat with friends

I see friends at school each afternoon when picking up the kids.  It is nice to chat and unwind while waiting for school to let out.  Just a little “fun” conversation goes a long way when you’ve got lots on your mind!

Photo Credit:  daletyndallphysiotherapy.wordpress.com

How do you de-stress after a long day?

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