Best Careers for People Who Love Children

Are you currently looking for a career?  Are you one of those people who love working with kids?  People who love working with kids may want to consider career paths that will let them shape the lives of young people.  If you love children, consider these four careers.


Pediatricians specialize in the medical needs of children, often until they reach the age of 18 or 21.  They’re often involved in their patients’ development throughout early life.  This includes mental and behavioral well-being as well as physical health.  Most pediatricians are general practitioners who choose to focus on the needs of young people.  Since conditions like, croup, scarlet fever, and impetigo usually occur in children, pediatricians need to know how to diagnose and treat patients who show symptoms. Pediatricians who respect the feelings of patients may even help them avoid white coat syndrome, a nervous condition that causes fear in about 20 percent of Americans and often prevents them from seeking medical attention.



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Elementary teachers who work with children are responsible for helping them develop social, behavioral, and life skills. They play a crucial role in teaching kids the basic skills that they need to thrive in modern society, such as reading, writing, and mathematics. Teachers who work with very young children may also need to teach them basic knowledge, including the names of colors, numbers, and letters. A good teacher who takes a creative approach to educating children can put them on a path to lifelong success. It’s about more than just making good grades and passing standardized tests. It’s about learning how to make decisions that lead to positive outcomes. You can expand your learning further in this sector by taking an early years course so that you can add to your skills and teach other essential areas. You might be wondering “why study an early years course?” Well luckily The Portobello Institute has all the answers you need if you are eager to learn more.

Social Worker

Unfortunately, not every child has the advantages of a stable home life and good health.  With more than 16 million U.S. children living in poverty, many children face struggles that make it difficult for them to learn at school or control disruptive behaviors.  Without assistance, many of these children continue to face difficulties throughout life.

Earning a social work degree can prepare you to help disadvantaged children overcome barriers that keep them from enjoying happy, productive lives.

Social work includes several areas of study. If you want to work with children, you may want to focus on topics such as:

  • childhood development
  • public health
  • family therapy
  • substance abuse

Not every child will face these problems, but they’re common enough that social workers should understand them.

Sports Coach

Coaching young children isn’t about turning them into athletes. It’s about teaching them how to follow directions, work together as a team, and enjoy physical activities.  Some adults find it so rewarding that they volunteer their time to coach young people interested in baseball, basketball, soccer, and other sports.

Coaches who teach teenagers often have a different role to play in the lives of team members, especially as players get older and start to consider the financial advantages of playing sports at the college or professional level.  As they get older, they still need coaches who can offer good advice that contributes to a healthy lifestyle and improved athletic performance.

Do these sound like good career options for you, or do you have a different idea?  How will you prepare to fulfill the needs of the young people you meet during your career?

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  1. Excellent Post. Yes. this is good opportunity who loves Children. Pediatrician is also a good job option for them. But He/she is well qualified person must be. Others Jobs also good in manner. Thanks!

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