Enter To Win $50 Amazon Gift Card #Giveaway

It’s that time again……..

Time to chance your luck at winning an online giveaway.  TeenSafe is giving away another $50 Amazon Gift Card to one lucky reader from the United States or Canada.  The winner must also be at least eighteen years old to win.

What is the last giveaway pack that you won?  Was it something that you ended up using for yourself or was it something that you gave to someone else as a gift?  The holidays will be here before you know it and we could all use an extra $50 in Amazon gift cards.  I do not shop Amazon on a regular basis, but I do a lot of shopping on Amazon once holiday season rolls around.  Shopping on Amazon allows me to be able to shop for multiple items quickly and have them shipped right to my door with excellent shipping rates.

There are so many people in my area and when holiday shopping rolls around, the roads and stores are packed with people!  Waiting in lines both inside the store and in the parking lot takes a ton of time and is not the most enjoyable experience.  I’d rather shop from the warmth of my home and grab the packages from my front porch rather than hauling them to and from my car after fighting all the holiday traffic.

Time to get moving, time to hop on the giveaway form and try your luck.  Be sure to enter all the ways that you can and even come back daily to retweet the contest out in return for additional entries.  Good luck!

133 thoughts on “Enter To Win $50 Amazon Gift Card #Giveaway”

  1. If I win this $50 Amazon gift card I will use it to buy Christmas gift for my 91 year old mom. It seems every year I never have money to get her something nice. Being disabled does have it’s disadvantages, never seems like I have any money left over at the end of the month to save. My mom deserves something nice.

  2. I’m impressed with all the features that it has to offer. Can view text messages and delete them. View the the location where your kid is at and view the websites they are browsing, with bookmarks they are interested in. Also I like you can see who they have been in contacted with. I can’t pick just one because they are all important to have.

  3. I like that I can monitor teen’s text messages and I can monitor teen’s IPhone Location. Boy that is an awesome service and gives peace of mind to the parent!

  4. I would love to spend a $50 gift card on yarn for crocheting, but I’d probably spend it to get started on some Christmas gifts for the kids!

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  6. if I won, I would use this gc towards Christmas gifts for my family. thank you for the information on this product too!

  7. You’d be amazed at some of the cute dresses you could find on Amazon for under $50! I think since I’m lacking a dress in my wrardrobe, I’d probably use the $50 to do some dress shopping on Amazon. 🙂

  8. I am most impressed with being able to view “deleted” text messages. Some teens think they’re sly by deleting a message, thinking we’ll never see it again. Oh, the wonders of technology.

  9. IF I were to win It would love to either put this towards a gift for my husband for our anniversary coming up or a pair of exercise shoes for myself.

  10. If I won I’d get a white board and some baskets. I’m thinking of making a school corner in the front hallway where we can keep appointments, assignments due, etc. all listed in one place.

  11. Essential oils, cocoa butter, coconut oil . Make some homemade gifts for Christmas. Sleep rub and a vapor rub.

  12. I would love to buy some new books for my grandson! He loves the wind turbines, and I found some neat books on Amazon!

  13. The feature that I am most impressed with is that you can View text messages and
    deleted text messages! The deleted text messages that you would never see are the ones that sometimes you really need to!

  14. If I won a $50 Amazon gift card I’d use it to buy some books and educational toys for homeschooling my preschooler.

  15. The feature of Teen Safe I’m most impressed with is being able to read text messages that have been deleted.

  16. I would purchase Sunsella Little Gems, blender parts for my mom and an Educational Insights Moonscope for my granddaughter for Christmas.

  17. The features I am most impressed with is being able to monitor their location. This can really help keep your child safe, plus being able to see their search history and texts is another bonus. As much as you want to trust your teens, you still need to be able to keep them safe.

  18. I like that Teen safe let’s me view recent texts and deleted texts. The location finder would be great too. I like that my teen won’t know and the free trial.

  19. I could really use this to buy Anne Rice’s new book “Prince Lestat” coming out for Halloween. Then I’d get some used books for winter reading. Books. Books. Books

  20. I wouldn’t have liked being spied on as a teen, but I can see why many parents would be wise to track their kids’ online activities. A guy I knew turned out to be a pedophile, and I think he was recruiting kids on online games like World of Warcraft.

  21. I am probably one of the last people who use one. But it I won I would use the $ to buy a new cordless phone for my home. Mine is a POS

  22. I love how you can view deleted text messages. So often teens think if they delete it, it is gone. This is a great feature!

  23. i really like that you’re able to view deleted text messages! that’s one option i think every phone should have just in case.

  24. I would use the Amazon gift card to start some early Christmas shopping for my kids.


  25. If i won i would buy my son something for his upcoming birthday. I think i would shop for a dvd player and some dvds for him.

  26. If I were to win I would use my GC towards my husbands upcoming 50th birthday. I could use all of the help I can get!

  27. If I won it would be put away for Christmas for the kiddo. Would probably purchase some books (we homeschool) and a couple of DVDs for her.

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