Fun Newspaper Number Activity For Kids


My son is in second grade and brought this newspaper number activity assignment home last week.  The assignment was to use a newspaper or a magazine to find certain numbers.  We lucked out and the first section we came to contained car sale prices from the local car lots.  This newspaper number activity for kids was finished in a flash, but was a lot of fun.  We cut out lots of numbers and then went through our numbers to find the ones that fit each task on his homework sheet as seen below.  Once we had the right number combinations, we glued them to his sheet and went on to the next task.


If your child likes to cut and glue, this would be a great project for you.  Grab a sheet of copy paper and set it up as above.  You can complete this activity as many times as you want, just make new assignment sheets with different number requests.

Here are the tasks from his homework sheet shown above:

  1. Find a number between 5 and 10
  2. Find a number less than 50
  3. Find a number between 30 and 40
  4. Find a price less than $15
  5. Find a number greater than 100
  6. Find a number greater than 60 and less than 80
  7. Find a number greater than 300

If you want to make this newspaper number activity harder, spell out the numbers instead of using the number itself in the directions.  This will make your child have to think a little harder before they can begin hunting down the correct numbers to complete each task.

What kind of homework assignments did your child receive on the first week of school.  Were they fun for your child or were they lengthy and boring?





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