Make Reading Easier For Your Child


Reading doesn’t have to be a chore for your child.   There are tons of interesting and creative ways to get them involved, you just have to find the right fit for your child.   While some kids love reading and take a liking to it immediately, for some children it’s slightly harder.  They may have trouble and that’s where this list comes handy.  I’ve brainstormed some creative ways to get your child to actually WANT to read?  WHAT,  YES, that DID just happen.

Name It

Small children (pre-school and Kindergarten kids are still trying to grasp the fact that letters make sounds.  To help them with this, work with a word they know very well- possibly their name or your name.  Show them how to spell it out, then have them sound it out. Then, have them search around the house for items that start with the letter of their name.

Make a game of it.  Give them a goal and certain amount of time to find the items.  If they reach the goal, give them a treat.  Ideas:  They get to choose dinner the next day, they get an extra 30 minutes of T.V. time, or they get an extra play-date during the week.

Engage Them

Most likely if your child isn’t really into reading, they might not understand.  When you sit down with your child to read, engage them IN the plot.  Before you read the book ask them “What do you think the story is going to be about?” and as the story goes on, keep the questions coming!


For your child to really like reading, they have to feel positive about their abilities.  Set some goals for your child such as “read 5-10 books this week” and then beside their goal, give them reward options.  Going to the zoo, museum, or park could be rewards.  They have to have assurance and confidence that they can get it done.  The reward system will let them track their goals and WANT to accomplish their goals.  They want to know that you’re in their corner, rooting for them too!





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