My Trip To Niagra Falls in Ontario, Canada


My husband and I recently visited Niagara Falls in Ontario, Canada while in staying in Toronto for a book signing event for my husband’s book:  An Average Joe’s Pursuit For Financial Freedom.  Here’s a view of the street from the sidewalk when we were on our way to view Niagara Falls. There were so many great restaurants and shops to visit.  We didn’t have much time to spend away from our book signing event, but we were able to take a half a day and head over to Niagara Falls and I’m glad we did! It was a great experience, much more than just looking at a large waterfall.


Here was an awesome miniature golf course, full of huge life-like dinosaurs.  If the kids would’ve been with us, we would definitely had played a round while we were there.  See the puff of smoke above the volcano, I tried to catch it as it erupted, but my camera just wasn’t fast enough to catch the fire, just the smoke that rolled out afterwards.


Check out this Burger King, wouldn’t your kids love eating here?


Here is Niagara Falls, such a great view from the Canadian side.  Take a look at the color of the water, just gorgeous!


Here you see the United States side, have a look at the people on the tower and the people on the edge overlooking Niagara Falls.  Down below you can see a lot of blue. Those were people in blue rain coats walking near Niagara Falls on a tour.


Here’s another great shot of Niagara Falls.  Look to the right and you can see a second waterfall.  See the red rain suits towards the bottom of the picture, that is a Canadian tour boat.


Here’s a close up of the Canadian Tour boat and all the people in their red rain suits.  I was very high up, away from Niagara Falls and I could feel the mist coming from the falls.  It was a great experience!


Above, you can see the blue rain coats, so another United States Niagara Falls boat tour.  See the bridge above?  That is the bridge that leads over to the United States from Canada.


Here’s my view from the front seat of our rental car as we were driving back to Toronto from our day at Niagara Falls.

Have you ever been outside of the United States?  If so, what was your favorite memory?

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  1. It does look like a great place to visit, and I love that it was a book signing that took you there! We’d like to see Niagra Falls. We’ve been out of the country quite a few times, but we’ve never been to Canada. It’s definitely on our list! I’m glad you had a good time, the pictures are great!

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