The Importance of Keeping Kids Active


Looking at the numbers of overweight children these days it is good for parents to know the importance of keeping kids active in order to keep them fit and also prevent them from being obese.  Knowing fully that average kids spend much time watching TV, videos, DVD’s, playing video games, and browsing the internet; parents need to take a positive step to inculcate the habit of physical activities in their children.  No one wants to hurt their child’s feelings talking to them about the need to lose weight, so make this journey fun and get them active instead!

To add meaning to my discussion I have stated some benefits in keeping kids active in this article.

  1. It improves mental health:  Psychologists have stated that kids who engage in physical activities are able to develop positive relations with others and improve personal growth.
  1. It enhances fitness:  I’m sure everyone knows about this.  The major reason why many people adopt physical activities as a daily routine is because they want to be fit.  To be fit is to be active!  Encourage physical activities among your children and offer to participate if needed.
  1. It helps to burn fat:  Apart from the impact of genetic (inherited gene) in fat storage and accumulation, sedentary and inactive life is the major factors that pile up fat in the body.  Active individuals are able to burn calories rather than storing them as fat.  The major benefit of this is that it reduces the risk of being obese.
  1. It helps to balance blood sugar levels:  Physical activities help the body to regulate blood sugar.  This is very important for kids that are at risk of having diabetes.
  1. It enhances concentration:  It is believed that physically active kids are likely to perform very well in their academic duty than non-active kids.  They tend to concentrate more on their studies and build self-esteem.
  1. It builds endurance in children:  Like in football and other physical activities, they built enduring spirit in children.

At least an hour of daily activities is enough to keep children healthy and active.  This can be easily achieved, add it up one day and see how much exercise your child is currently getting.

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