Time To Remodel My Kitchen


Our home was built in 1995 and unfortunately the kitchen cabinets have seen better days.  A few of the kitchen drawers’ front panels have fallen off several times and the drawer liners are beginning to fall through.  We have tried to fix them, but wood glue can only do so much.  Since new kitchen cabinets are in our future, we’ve decided to upgrade other parts of our kitchen as well since most of the appliances are the original ones that were placed in the house when it was built in 1995.  My microwave works fine, but doesn’t have an inside carousel and is not as powerful as a newer model, but it still does the trick!  As for my range, it is the best one that I’ve ever had, but it is also close to twenty years old and who knows how much more life it is has left in there.  If we are going to have new cabinets built as part of a Home Remodeling project, this is the prime time to replace our appliances and counter tops.


I currently have black appliances and plan on purchasing black appliances again since my original black appliances still look great after 19 years of use!  The black appliances don’t show fingerprints and they also match well with everything in my kitchen.  As for the kitchen cabinets, I want to go with dark brown.  Remodeling the kitchen is going to be a HUGE mess that will need a lot of pre-planning.  I am excited about the remodeling but scared at the same time.  I want to LOVE my selections and not just be satisfied with my new upgrade.  If we are going to spend this much money to fix up the kitchen then I want to smile from ear to ear each time I walk into the upgraded room.

In order to plan my new kitchen, I have been searching design tips, organization ideas for kitchens and many cabinet and appliance shops looking for just the right concepts for my kitchen.  Sites like Appliances Connection have made my appliance hunt simple by making it easy to shop their current sales and online specials.  I have also had a lot of luck looking through home decoration magazines.  Since I am not one hundred percent sure of what I’d like to implement into my kitchen upgrade, it really helps me to look through the pictures from the home decoration magazines.  Remodeling the kitchen won’t be cheap, so finding the right deals will be necessary in order to stay in our remodeling budget.

Have you remodeled a room in your home lately?  Did the final cost stay within your budget?  Were you pleased with the final outcome?

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