Be Prepared: Trick-or-Treating Safety Tips

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Do you remember when you were younger and you put on your Halloween costume and all their Halloween makeup about 5 hours prior to leaving the house to go knock on neighbors’ doors and collect your candy?  We’ve all been there, and now our children want to do the same thing!  While we want trick-or-treating to be a fun experience for them, we also want it to be a safe experience.

I have heard tons of horror stories, ranging from poisoned candy to complete strangers trying to lure children into their homes while parents wait in the car for their child to return with some new candy.  Let’s all work together to make Halloween 2014 as safe as it can be!  I’ve got a few Halloween night safety tips for the spooky night:

  • Make sure you and your child(ren) wear comfortable shoes!  Avoid heels and wedges if possible.  Trick-or-treating happens at night, so it’s usually dark and street lights aren’t always reliable.  You don’t want to trip on a crack in the sidewalk or fall into a hole in someone’s yard!  Having to carry your child back to your house after twisting their ankle can be very hard depending on the weight of your child and how far away from home you are.  This happened to me once and it took us awhile before I made it back home carrying a 70 pounder on my back through the dark streets.
  • Make a plan for the routes you plan on going.  You want to stay organized so you do not end up walking all over a neighborhood and your feet are already hurting 15 minutes in.  As long as you map your route and use time-management, you and your child(ren) should have no problem walking for a while and finishing your night on time instead of earlier!
  • If you have any reflective tape you can put on your child’s shoes or candy bucket, I highly recommend doing that!  It’s dark and people are driving up and down streets.  You want your child to be seen to avoid any accidents!  You can also carry flashlights or wear glow in the dark necklaces / bracelets.
  • As always, make sure you check the candy your child brings home and make sure plastic wrap hasn’t been tampered with.  Anything that makes you uneasy, toss it while your child is sleeping.  They will never know, and you will feel much better!

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