Car Remote Starter: Life Saver for Immense Heat / Cold Temperatures


Have you ever wished that you had a remote starter on your car?  The other day I caught a glimpse of my son’s basketball coach as he walked outside the basketball gym, clicked his remote from his key chain and walked back inside.  He had turned on his car to let it cool down from an afternoon of immense Texas heat.  When he came back outside, I had a few questions for him about his remote system and was quite impressed with his new car and its’ features.

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Both of our vehicles are older models and unfortunately didn’t come with a remote starter option, so we’re just out of luck, however today I learned that remote starters can be added on to any vehicle just like a new radio or the television units that can be mounted in your headrests.  Living in Texas, our cars can be simply sweltering hot for the first few minutes once you get inside.  It can take awhile for your air condition to cool enough to make a difference in the furnace-like inside area of your car.  I would LOVE to be able to cool my car down with a flick of a remote.  This would also be a wonderful option if I lived in a climate where I had to worry about ice on my windshield, but not where we live.  We’re lucky if we even see snow here, let alone caked ice on our windshields.


My van says she’s in favor of a new addition ….. hint, hint

Remote starters can be purchased from sites like this one.  Is this something that you’d like to add to your Christmas Wish List?  If you spend a lot of time in your car running everyone back and forth to their after school activities, you know how important it is be comfortable while you are out and about.  My husband loves gadgets, and I know it would just take a few mentions of this before it started growing on his mind, wish me luck!

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