DIY Family Friendly HALLOWEEN Crafts

It’s time to get yourself ready for Do It Yourself (DIY) Halloween crafts that will make your home sweet and scary.  Halloween is one time of the year where your home and yard can be full of scary decorations and display items.   What Halloween decoration ideas do you have in mind for this year?  You don’t necessarily have to spend a lot of money to make your home look the best this year.

Here are a few of my favorite family friendly Halloween decorations that will make your home fun for the month of October.

  1. Candy Corn Centerpiece


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Don’t assume your table is complete if you have not added a candy corn centerpiece. It’s so easy to make and looks great on any table.  All you have to do is to spray old glass bottles with candy corn colors and decorate them to your taste.  If you’d rather skip the paint, then simply add a candle inside a wide vase full of candy corn but watch out that your family doesn’t eat the candy once wax has been burned from the candle.  If you don’t think your family can keep from eating your centerpiece, you can always use plastic flowers in your vase instead of using a burning candle.


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  1. Hanging Ghost

Hanging ghosts look very cool for Halloween decorations, and they’re very easy to make.  Styrofoam balls, white material, string and black makers can be used to whip up an awesome hanging ghost!  Create as many as you like and remember to hang a few from your trees.

  1. Carved Craft Pumpkins

Carved Craft pumpkins are easy to make but can be hard to carve, so an adult needs to stand on watch during this project.  Check out my previous post:  How To Carve A Craft Pumpkin for complete details.  The kids and I make these every year since it is too hot to display “real” carved pumpkins in the Texas heat during October.  You will need a carving book that comes with multiple carving design sheets and a craft pumpkin and carving tools for each child.

  1. Flying Halloween Bats

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This is a very easy DIY Halloween decoration.  Cut black cardstock in Bat shapes and make as many as you’d like in different sizes.   If you’d rather not draw these freehand, then find an easy bat template online.  You can use tape to add them to your windows or hang them up with string.

  1. Glowing decorative balloon


I personally love this craft because it’s so easy, simple and just plain fun!  To make this all you need to do is to snap light sticks and place them inside balloons before blowing them up.  Check out the picture above, they drew faces on the balloons, added see thru material and hung them from the trees.

What DIY Halloween crafts do you have in mind for this Halloween?                                                                              



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