Do Your Underwear Fit?


It’s that time of year!  The holidays are rolling around and we typically tend to gain or lose a little bit of weight.  Something people don’t normally think about is whether or not their undergarments fit.  We usually focus on the clothing on the outside that others are going to see, but we forget that others CAN see our undergarments through our clothes if they do not fit correctly!  For me, once I feel my underwear getting tight, I know it’s time to start counting those calories again.

If your underwear are too big, they may look “lumpy” or “loose” underneath pants or skirts.  You might be able to see where the material is rolling up because it’s too loose.  Not only is that unappealing to look at, but it has to be uncomfortable!  Plus, you will most likely need to adjust your undergarments throughout the day if they do not fit tight enough.  So because your undergarments are too loose, you will have to most likely limit your wardrobe to sweat pants and any other loose pants that will not show just how loose your undergarments are.

If they are too tight, you might be able to see where they are really, really close to your skin under your clothing.  This could actually become very uncomfortable and painful to feel all day long.  This will cause marks on your skin and it could also cut off circulation if it’s too tight!  Again, due to them not fitting correctly, you will be limiting your wardrobe to something loose that won’t show your undergarments in the back-end area.

Make sure your undergarments are comfortable and fit correctly!  If the top rolls on itself in your tummy area, they are too tight.  If they are too loose and aren’t resting against your skin, they are too big!  If you are dealing with either of these issues, look at this as an opportunity to go shopping and splurge on yourself a bit!  Face it, we all feel better about ourselves and our appearance when our clothing fits well.

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