How To Use Skype For Those Special Moments


Do you remember reading my Skype post and how to create your own account to talk to family and friends who are in different areas than you?  Well, here’s a real-life example about how Skype helped my friend Jessica share a special moment with her husband, Justin, who is in the Marine Corps and could not make it to the anatomy scan of their first successful pregnancy.  Justin is currently serving his third deployment for the Marine Corps.  He’s in another country, and could not make it to the appointment with Jessica.  This appointment was very important to the both of them.  This scan would check on their son and make sure he was growing correctly, check on his organs to make sure they were developing properly and also make sure his heart is nice and strong!

As soon as Jessica entered the ultrasound room, she pulled up her Skype app on her android phone (also available for iPhone!) and started a video chat call with Justin.  He was able to answer, thankfully, and watch along with Jessica as her doctor spent about 30 minutes showing them their son’s hands, fingers, feet, toes, spine, etc.  Jessica watched as Justin followed along and tears rolled down his eyes.  Technology isn’t always good, but that day it was.  Jessica and Justin will continue to use Skype throughout this deployment so they can stay connected during future baby appointments.  She will also be skyping him from the hospital during the birth of their son since Justin will not be there due to this current deployment.


If you do not have a Skype account yet, I highly encourage you to create one!  It’s free, simple, and quick.  Click here to read my instructions on how to make your own account and start sharing special moments with loved ones who are not able to be there with you!

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