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Are you looking for some fun games to entertain your kids when it’s raining and they are getting restless?

Hide and Seek

Hide and seek one of the oldest games known to, well, all of us!  It’s also one where you and your kids can get the most creative!  There are tons of hiding spots in a house, but make sure you go over safety rules and “no hiding zones” before starting.  Some important “no hiding zones” would be on top of or behind any big appliances, inside of trunks or dressers (armoire-type closets), under the house (crawl space) or in an attic or basement, etc.  It’s so easy for an appliance, such as the fridge, to slide out of place and either fall over or squish a child between it and the wall.  Don’t forget about the electrical cords and bars that are connected to those appliances as well!  After all of the rules have been discussed, get ready for a fun game of hide and seek – loser does the dishes!

Indoor basketball

Indoor basketball can be really fun as long as you have a space big enough to play!  You only need a few items as well – a small trash bin, a small ball, or you could use paper wads instead!  You can even set out pieces of computer paper in a semi-circle to play the game H.O.R.S.E.  (Each player starts out on the H and if they make the shot, they move to the O, etc., and the player to finish H.O.R.S.E. wins!) or the kids can just shoot the ball into the basket and make a deal, such as first to make 10 baskets wins, or something along those lines.  Get creative with it!


(For the younger children) I Spy: Colors

Do you have an antsy toddler at home who wants to play outside but can’t due to the weather?  Since toddlers are at the age for learning, how about playing I Spy: Colors?  Get some crayons and paper, and color some circles with each color of the rainbow.  After coloring your circles, point to one of the colors and ask them to find something in your home that matches that color.  This is a great learning opportunity for them, and you get to see their eyes light up when they get it right!

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