Prepare: Halloween Makeup Safety Tips


Painting your face for Halloween is so much fun!  It lets your creative juices flow, and it’s cheaper than buying a Halloween mask!  However, there can be some uncomfortable side effects of using Halloween face paint and makeup.  You need to make sure that you apply it exactly as the directions say to.  Do not add any decorative items to your face that are not made for skin contact.  This can leave a rash or irritation that can be very painful!

Make sure you smell the face paint/makeup before applying it.  Like food, if it smells foul or “not right,” you may want to toss it and buy a new box.  You don’t want to risk putting something on your face that may be contaminated!


Avoid putting the makeup on your eyelids and directly around your eyes in case of allergic reaction.  If you end up getting some in your eyes, immediately wash your face off and rinse your eyes!  If further irritation happens, please seek medical attention immediately!  You do not want to risk having vision problems in the future!

If you have never used face paint or Halloween makeup before, start out by decorating your arm or thigh.  You need to look for signs of reaction such as itching, swelling, redness, etc.  If you experience any of those, spend the few extra bucks and buy a mask so you don’t end up in the hospital or at your doctor’s office due to a reaction!

Read the directions on the packaging that explains how to remove the face paint from your face at the end of the night.  Do not sleep in the face paint or makeup.  Follow the instructions exactly as they are printed when removing the paint.  This is especially important for those of you with sensitive skin!

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