Time To Replace Your Underwear?


In my last post about underwear, we discussed why you shouldn’t wear underwear that are too loose or too tight.  Now that you have established what is considered too loose and too tight, let’s talk about how to change that or replace them frugally!

If your underwear are too tight, you have a few options:

You can start your New Year’s resolution a little early and start exercising and eating better, or you can buy new ones.  If you are wanting to lose some weight anyway, I suggest starting there!

It’s actually really simple to lose a few pounds if you change your eating habits.  If you drink soda, drop it!  If you eat a candy bar every day, cut down to one a week.  If you eat out almost every night, start meal planning so you can cook at home!  I can guarantee that making these small changes will save you money, and save your underwear from getting too small!

If your underwear are too loose, consider buying new ones!  Lots of stores will have sales (5/$25, etc.) but don’t fall for those traps unless you know that the underwear are good quality.  It might be pretty and “popular” but you will end up spending twice as much when you have to replace it because they ripped in the washing machine!  If you are a simple person who doesn’t need much in life, head over to your local Walmart.  They have good quality underwear for a great price.  They also have the “cute” ones other stores carry for a lot cheaper!  You can literally get more for your money there as opposed to specialty stores.

Do you have any more suggestions for helping tight-fitting underwear fit better?  Do you have a store in your city that sells underwear for a good price?  Make sure you leave a comment and let us know!

Photo Credit:  www.juliaduffyshow.com

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