Wearing Loose Clothing Hinders Weight Loss


Are you trying to lose weight?  If so, I have some great tips for you involving the clothing you wear while trying to shed those extra pounds.  Something we ALL love to wear is anything with an elastic waistband.  It’s comfortable, stretchy, and you don’t have to unbutton your jeans after a eating a big meal!  Oversized clothing such as t-shirts and sweatshirts are also comfortable enough to wear daily, but you might not realize that you are actually putting your weight-loss in jeopardy by doing that!

When you wear stretchy pants and oversized t-shirts, no matter how comfortable it may be, you are actually allowing yourself to gain more weight and not realize it since your clothing isn’t exactly “restrictive.”  If you plan on going out to a restaurant for a nice fancy meal that may have more than 3 courses, try to wear something flattering yet a little snug to remind yourself that when you are full, you are FULL!  There is absolutely nothing wrong with bringing home leftovers to eat later that night or the next day!

Now, I’m not saying that you should wear something so tight that it hurts to sit and walk while wearing it! Make sure that you CAN do both of those without having to stop and take a break because it is so uncomfortable.  If you do want to wear something with an elastic waistband, grab the next size down so it’s a little snug, but not pinching at your stomach.

Even though it’s not something we think about often, clothing does play a huge role in weight-loss.  When you look at it this way, you will have a whole new perspective when clothes shopping in the future.  It’s easy to wear clothes that are a little big on us, but it doesn’t really help you in the long run if you have a weight-loss goal!  Do you have any other clothing tips when trying to drop some pounds?

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4 thoughts on “Wearing Loose Clothing Hinders Weight Loss”

    1. This is something that I personally have to watch. I caught myself today…LOL I ate pizza, pizza and more pizza yesterday and guess what I wore today……warm up pants with a drawstring and an oversized tee shirt, time to change!

  1. This is such a great piece! It really does get you thinking. A lot of people tend to rest on their laurels when they don’t feel any discomfort, which just makes sense that it’s a huge factor in how much food a person would consume at any given time. Great job pointing this out!

    1. Thank you, I know it is much easier lounging around in jogging pants and eating all those holiday treats than it is when you can feel your waistband beginning to tighten.

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