#Win Dessert Bullet #Giveaway ENDS 11/17

I was Given a Magic Bullet – Dessert Bullet to use in facilitating my review.   All opinions are my own.


I was excited to test this out as it said you could have all the flavor without the fat, added sugar and calories which is a huge plus when you count calories as I do.  It also said you could have a healthy dessert in just 10 seconds, now that is my kind of machine!


The kids and I went through the recipe book that came with the Dessert Bullet and decided to try out the vanilla ice cream.  All we needed was one medium frozen banana and a 1/4 teaspoon of vanilla.


Here’s what it looks like as the frozen banana shoots through the machine and yes, it did come out in ice cream consistency but the vanilla ice cream recipe tasted exactly like banana ice cream so we tried again.  The next time we tripled the vanilla, along with the one frozen banana but the dessert still tasted like banana which is fine because we all like banana ice cream at our house.


Since ice cream, bananas and chocolate syrup is a family favorite, we had to bring out the chocolate syrup .  The bowl on the left had chocolate syrup mixed in it, while the one on the left was straight banana / vanilla dessert.

This machine is very easy/quick to use.  Basically you just need to have frozen fruit and experiment if you’d like. The Dessert Bullet machine comes with a nice sized recipe book but so far, the kids and I have been experimenting with our favorite frozen fruits.  You can find the Dessert Bullet on DessertBullet.com or on Amazon where it is currently eligible for Amazon Prime.

Here’s your chance to win your very own Dessert Bullet!  Make sure you bookmark this post so you can come back daily to tweet out the giveaway in exchange for extra entries on the giveaway form.


54 thoughts on “#Win Dessert Bullet #Giveaway ENDS 11/17”

  1. Oh mine! The recipe the catches my eye is COOKIES & CREAM / DIABETIC-FRIENDLY. My kids would love it. Thanks

  2. Nicholas Balandiat

    I LOVE this thing!! I like this recipe: NEW FASHIONED CHOCOLATE

    But this gizmo I would be playing with like CRAZY!!!!

  3. The Dessert Bullet recipe that caught my eye is the Raspberry Banana / Gluten-Free recipe. I love Raspberries and Bananas and any thing that is tart. I also like this recipe because it is full of vitamins and Gluten Fee.

  4. The raspberry banana looks absolutely wonderful. I love raspberries and bananas; what more could i ask for.

  5. They all look so delicious but the recipe that I would most like to try is the Creamy Berry Sorbet.


  6. I am all about Lemonade this year, so the Frozen Lemonade / Under 100 Calories sounds fabulous! I would love it! Thanks for the fabulous post and giveaway! Good luck to all!

  7. All of them look yummy to me but I could see myself having a Frozen Lemonade / Under 100 Calories on the daily. I am a lemon freak and make my own lemonade, this sounds delicious. The berry banana looks absolutely heavenly as well!

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