Ever Been The “OTHER WOMAN?”

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Fortunately, we have had season passes to the Houston Texan football games for a few years now.  Since we attend a lot of the games, we know some of the other Houston Texan season ticket holders in our section.  Some of the season ticket holders sell their tickets for most of the season, while the other ones are die hard Texan fans and wouldn’t miss a game for the world!  I usually sit next to Julie, a season ticket holder that always attends the games, but for our first game this year, I sat at the other end of our four seats.  This kept  my son from  having to sit by a stranger that had seats next to ours.  I noticed Julie, but everything was hectic, so I didn’t have a chance to say hello.

Later on in the game, I caught her glancing our way, but I didn’t think much of it.  During halftime, I passed by Julie’s seat in order to take the kids to the concession stand.  When I was gone, Julie told my husband how she didn’t recognize me and how she had thought that he had a girlfriend at the football game.  She had been watching him put his arm around me as I sat in the far seat away from her.  Can you imagine all the thoughts that were going on in her mind?  She thought my husband had brought a girl friend with him along with our boys to watch the Houston Texans football game.  Little did she know it, but this was a HUGE compliment for me!  I have lost thirty-five pounds since last year’s football season and she didn’t recognize me.  When I came back, she stopped me and told me the “girlfriend story!”  WooHoo – I was the “other woman” and didn’t even know it!

Losing weight feels SO good, especially when you see people who you haven’t seen in a long time.  It feels great to be able to tell your weight loss story and even better to be able to wear new clothes that aren’t stretched out from weight gain.  Have you ever been the “other woman?”  In this case, it feels great!

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