How Old Is Your Phone Case?

phone in bag


Yes, I did it, it was my fault!  I cracked my iPhone 5 while hurrying out the door with an armful of stuff.  My cracked my iPhone 5 was on top of the pile and it slid off and hit the floor just right as I turned quickly to lock the back door.  I have dropped my cracked my iPhone 5 several times but unfortunately there is a limit to how much abuse your phone can take.  I learned a hard lesson here:  no matter how much you love your “favorite” iPhone case, make sure to purchase another one after extended use.  If I hadn’t been using the same iPhone case for 2 years now, my phone may not look like this.

My husband and I went to the Apple store to have a new screen put on and the price of the screen for my two year old phone was almost the same price as purchasing a new iPhone 6 with an extended two year contract.  I could have had the screen repaired by another company for cheaper but they wouldn’t guarantee that my screen would work with “touch” on the entire screen, so my husband purchased the iPhone 6 for me from the Apple store.

I left my new iPhone 6  in the box until I found a cell phone cover that I liked, but of course I couldn’t find one for this phone model like my favorite purple Speck case that had the ability to hold credit cards.  I loved that case because it was perfect for carrying hotel keys and season passes when on vacation.  Of course, after I had used my new phone case for a few days, I hopped on Amazon and found the Speck credit card phone cases just like I wanted. Oh well, I needed a phone case the day of my purchase but I’m adding that Speck Credit Card iPhone case to my Amazon Wish List!

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