Mighty Smighties App Review

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Are you looking for a safe and fun game for your child to play on an iPhone/iPad?  If so, look no further! Mighty Smighties is a new game app that was just released and it is fun for everyone!  It’s an interactive card game and you can play against the game itself, or other players around the world!  I made sure to download Mighty Smighties for my boys so they could play along with me while I reviewed this game.  We are a very competitive family, so this game was right up our alley!

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Mighty Smighties is really cute game app.  I tested it out over the weekend, and it kept my attention for a while!  That being said, imagine how much your kids are going to love the Mighty Smighties game app if I loved it, and I am an adult!  In the game, you can collect rare cards to build the ultimate deck and win against your opponent(s) easily in just a few plays!  Before you start playing against other players, you will need to create your Smighty hero.  You are able to choose which one you want to be, customize the colors, pick your name and choose a password.  See me in the picture above, BlogWithMom vs. Nardy, “Go BlogWithMom!”

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After all of that is done, get ready to have some fun!  You will receive a deck of cards to play.  You are able to power them up and make them stronger with boosts in a puzzle game available within the app.  Each card has a special power within the Mighty Smighties Universe such as rain, wind, etc.  Each card has a number value on it that determines the strength of the card (this is where power-ups come in handy!) and basically the strongest card wins!  With each win, you move through the Mighty Smighties Map until you get to the very end!  Depending on your scores, you could win awesome prizes within the app!

Something I really need to brag on for this app is the vibrant colors used! Not only do bright colors keep a child’s attention, it also raises their mood and they are more likely to enjoy what they are doing! I highly recommend you trying the Mighty Smighties game out. It’s available for iPad and iPhone and it’s FREE!  Why wouldn’t you give it a try?  Let us know what you think!

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