Saving Money During Cold Weather


It’s getting cold here in Texas, which means we will be using our heat more often to stay warm while we are inside!  However, constantly running the heat in your home can get pretty expensive.

I have a few money saving tips that will help you heat your home for less!

Do you mainly use one room during the day while your family is at work and school?  If so, set your thermostat to a set temperature (62 degrees is a good choice) and use a small space heater in the room you use the most.  If you move from room to room, bring the space heater with you!  There is no point in heating up every single room in your home if you aren’t in 90% of the rooms during the day/evening!  By doing this, you can save anywhere up to $200 or more a year!

A free way to heat your home is to open your blinds during the day to let the sunshine in, and close them at dusk when the sun goes down!  By closing them you are able to trap the heat that the open blinds let in during the day.

weather strip

If the weather stripping on your exterior doors is cracked or gone, make it a priority to replace it as soon as possible!  By doing this, you are preventing colder weather from slipping in underneath the doors which makes a huge difference!


Lastly if you use the oven to cook a meal, try to keep the oven door open as long as possible after turning the oven off.  You can actually heat the majority of your kitchen by recycling the heat that it’s carrying from cooking your food.

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What money saving tips do you use during colder weather?


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