Are you looking for a creative gift to hand out during the holidays this year?  Most big box stores usually have the same stuff, so it’s hard to find variety, or at least something different than last year’s big gift!  I recently came across a site that is different and interesting, and they have products that most people wouldn’t even think about looking for in a store as a gift.  Go West Bee offers a wide variety of items, including jewelry, toys and games, kitchenware, shoes, beauty products, etc.  They literally have every category to choose from, and their products are unique and all made in the West! My personal favorite is the kitchen category.  They have a ton of unique food storage containers, such as the Cookie Jar (the lid looks like a cookie!) and The Swiss, which is a container for cheese.  The lid looks like a piece of Swiss cheese!


Sometimes it’s hard to shop for certain friends and family because they may have weird interests or “quirks” that are hard to match in a normal store like Walmart or Target.  With  Go West Bee, you are given so many options that it makes shopping easy!  You can feel good about your purchase not only because the prices are right, but because West Bee helps new designers and inventors that are struggling to find distributors.  You are actually helping to get the word out about new product designers who need exposure while getting to try out their new products that you won’t really find anywhere else!  It’s a win/win for you, the person you are shopping for (if anyone) and the distributor!

Where do you usually go to find “different” gifts for friends and family?  Make sure you check out West Bee today and let me know what you think!  Would you shop there for yourself or anyone else?  What do you think about the products they offer?

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