3asy Money App Review: Thumbs UP!


3asy Money is a great app you can find in the financial category of the iTunes App Store.  It allows you to track your spending, track your income, and view/analyze your data.  3easy Money app also has a built-in tip calculator.   This app is extremely user-friendly and it literally took me under ten seconds to record my transactions.  It would probably take a minute out of my day to track my expenses.  So, not only is the 3easy Money app user-friendly, it is also time-friendly as well!


When you spend any money, you record it in the 3asy Money app by typing in the date you spent the money, the amount of money spent, where you spent the money and how you paid.  You are able to type freely for those options, so you do not have to worry about a specific store or payment method not showing up as an option to pick from.

After you record your first transaction, 3asy Money will offer to help create a budget for you based on your needs/income!  When you record your income, you are able to input the amount of money you received, the date you received it and where you got the money.


The menu has a ton of options to choose from as well.  You can pick from the following: Overview, budget summary, income list, expense list, bill list (my favorite!), YTD (Year-To-Date) breakdown, achievements, and you also have the option to sync your bank if you want to.  You are also able to create your own categories if the need arises!

Achievements within the app are really neat.  These ensure that you use the app to its full potential.  There are quite a few of them, such as opening the app every day for a week which should be easy to unlock if you really plan on using the app, add your first expense, track your first income, track your first bill, mark your first bill as paid, etc.  The 3easy Money app is the perfect addition to your New Year Resolutions if finances are part of them.  This will definitely keep you on track as far as spending habits go!  You are able to fully view how much you have spent compared to how much you have earned which ties into your budget plan!  The best part is this can all be accessed easily anywhere as long as you have the app downloaded!

Go for it, check out 3easy Money app on iTunes App Store by clicking “I want to track my spending.”

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