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Now that we’ve had time to organize all the Christmas presents that came out from under the tree, it’s time to get everything together that needs to be returned.  For everyone that received clothing, make sure that they try on their items before you place them in your laundry.  If they do not fit right, it’s best that you return them before the tags are removed rather than find out later that they do not fit after the tags have been removed and they have been washed.

I have both my boys try on all their clothing and have a few items that need to be returned.  One item was bought on Amazon and that return was very simple.  All I had to do was get into my Amazon account and track that purchase and follow the steps for making the return.

As for the other items that need to be returned, I know that we need to get them taken back to the store along with the receipts as soon as possible, but for now we’re all fighting the flu so hopefully we’ll be better soon.


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I never look forward to making returns right after Christmas because I know there will be long lines in the store and crowds of people.  This year I only have two stores to get to for my returns.  It could be SO much worse, I am so glad I did the majority of my shopping on Amazon this year. Amazon makes it so easy to track everything down when you need to schedule a return.

Did you have many returns this year?   If so, how many stores does that require you to visit in order to get your items returned?

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