DIY: Homemade Christmas Paper


Have you ever tried making or using handmade Christmas gift-wrapping paper?  There are a TON of ways you can get creative and make your own wrapping paper for the holidays!  For example, if you get the Sunday paper make sure you save the comics!  Comics are a fun way to wrap a present. The person receiving the present may want to try and read them before opening their gift!  It looks great, and it’s easy to save a few weeks’ worth of comics to wrap presents in.  You could also use regular newspaper, and highlight certain words on the paper that describe the person receiving the gift.  Some good words to highlight would be happy, cool, outstanding, etc.  You will almost always have enough words to highlight in one section of an article!

If you have young children who are giving gifts to grandparents, grab a few big sheets of coloring paper and have them draw pictures for grandma or grandpa to wrap their gifts in!  The children will absolutely love seeing their grandparents looking at their pictures they use to wrap the gifts in!


Do you ever get paper bags from the grocery store?  If so, ask for a few extras and also buy some ribbon!  Wrap your gifts in the brown paper, and tie the ribbon around the gift with a big bow on top.  Personally, I think red ribbon would really pop and make the wrapping look professional!

If you have smaller gifts, you can use brown paper lunch sacks and just fold down the top of them like you would with a regular lunch.  After folding them down, get some striped paper and wrap the bag long-ways!  It makes the bag look taller, and also looks like you had it gift wrapped at a specialty store.  There are literally so many creative ways to wrap gifts this year if you don’t feel like using regular wrapping paper!  What have you done in the past?


Speaking of Christmas Paper, are you still shopping for your holiday gifts?  I still have a lot of Christmas shopping to do and plan on doing most of it online.  Zazzle is a fun place to shop.  They have great QRstyleDESIGN Christmas items, personalized items and just fun stuff that makes cool gifts for those who seem to already have everything.

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Do you have an item picked out for everyone on your list or are you still looking for a few gifts?

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