It’s New Year’s Eve!

new year

New Year’s Eve can be a very dangerous night to be out and about so our family always stays together at home to bring in the New Year.  We have a family party where everyone gets to pick out their favorite foods at the grocery for us to eat throughout the night.  We’re headed to the grocery soon for items such as hot wings, chips, dip, ice cream, etc.  This does make a great deal of a mess, but it is lots of fun.

Each year we always make Sherbert Punch which we drink throughout the night.  The kids love using the ladle to dip up the punch in their special New Year’s eve glasses.

Once we’ve gotten all our food made up and laid out on the counter, we get some movies lined up and maybe even a session of PlayStation going until the New Year’s Eve Specials start airing on television.  Each year we watch the Ball Drop at New York Times Square.


Every year there is always a firework ban here, but  our neighbors always break the rules so we also have a firework show we can watch from our back window.  Letting off fireworks is very dangerous here when it has been dry because we live right on a wooded green belt, but I don’t think the neighbors take this into consideration each year as they buy their kids tons of fireworks each holiday.  We have found fireworks in our pool, on our roof, etc, so watching their fireworks show helps us to ensure that nothing gets burned from all their fun.

What does your family do on New Year’s Eve?

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