Magic Reindeer Food – Easy to Make!

reindeer food

My son is currently in second grade.  His class made Magic Reindeer Food at their holiday class party before they were released for Christmas Break.  The parents were asked to send in various items for the Christmas party and all of the His classmates had a ball putting the Magic Reindeer Food together.  One little girl filled her baggie all the way to the top, shook it up and the bag exploded all over the classroom.  You know the teacher had to be super thrilled over that!  Can you imagine the mess it made across the classroom floor.  I can just see the teacher’s reaction as the glitter, sparkles, oatmeal and Cheerios flew across the classroom!   I hope the child who had the Magic Reindeer Food baggie explosion wasn’t too upset about the mess they made.

Would you like to make some Magic Reindeer Food at your house?  Check out the bag above, it just takes a few ingredients:

  • Cheerios
  • Oatmeal
  • red glitter
  • green glitter

My son has made this at school in the past but has never been interested in it before.  This year he has instructed me to get the recipe, keep the directions and save the mixture for Santa’s Reindeer.

reindeer food info

Here’s the Magic Reindeer Food instructions that came home with the Magic Reindeer Food.  It looks like we’ll be out sprinkling this on our lawn Christmas Eve.  Make sure you read the instructions so you’ll know what happen to your Reindeer Food mixture once you place it on your lawn.


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