Maintain Weight Over The Holidays


Maintaining weight over the holidays is the trending discussion among most at this time of year when the holidays are in full swing.  I’m talking about the season when cookies, jelly doughnuts, chocolates and all sort of foods loaded with refined sugars tend to add extra pounds to your weight by the New Year.  How do we avoid a tremendous holiday weight gain?

For me, I choose not to avoid my favorite holiday dishes, but to cut down on the amount that comes into our home.  For example, I used to start baking all the Christmas Cookies, peanut butter fudge and holiday favorites as soon as Thanksgiving was over.  Now I try to wait until the kids are out for Christmas Break before I start cooking our favorite holiday dishes.  This technique keeps me from eating tons and tons of fudge!  I love peanut butter fudge and look forward to eating it this year once the kids are out for Christmas Break.

I also choose to drink water over soft drinks and incorporate my Advocare supplements and Spark Drinks into my daily regimen as well.  If the weather is nice, I try  to go on a walk or jog and I also try to fit the gym into my schedule if there is time.  This time of year is very busy, so making it to the gym during the week can be very hard to achieve.


Enjoy the holidays, don’t try to make it through the season without enjoying yourself and  your favorite foods.  Just make better choices, if you attend a party where there are several tempting desserts, either choose one or have small portions of all of them instead of full portions of each one.  It is hard to do, but if you set your mind to it, you can do it.

Remember, don’t fall into wearing your jogging pants everyday.  The elastic waistband will keep you from noticing weight gain.  Throw your jeans on a few days each week in order to stay on top of any weight gain.  Stepping on that scale can be helpful too!  It may upset you, but use your disappointment to get yourself back on track!  Once Christmas is over, stop making the holiday goodies and make a plan!  Quickly gained weight will fall off quickly if you get back on track with the help of both exercise and food control.

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