Are You Ready For Christmas?


Are you ready for Christmas?  Are all your Christmas decorations displayed throughout your home?  Here’s the biggest question:  Is all your shopping done?  All our our Christmas decorations are up and all those boxes and tubs are shoved back up into the attic.  We’re ready to cook up some of our favorite holiday desserts next week when the kids get out of school, but of course, shopping is not done.  Each year this happens, I try to be prepared, but in the end, there’s always something that I haven’t picked up on my Christmas shopping list.  For this year, I have clothes for the kids, but need a few “fun” things for them to enjoy on Christmas Day.

Christmas Railing

Here’s a view of my stairway at night.  I love the bright twinkling lights!  If I could keep these lights up year round, I would!  Did you know they even make lights for staircases?  Our banister is very wobbly upstairs and needs replacing so I had a look online for lighted banisters and they exist! Guess what I am going to be looking into when it comes time to replace that banister.  I love the colored lights, but I better stick to white lights for a year round lit banister….LOL.

Elf Tree

Do you have an Elf on the Shelf?  Meet Zach, he is a crazy elf and loves to do gymnastics.  Check him out, he is hanging upside down today.  Just a few more days and Zach will go back home with Santa when he drops off our gifts on Christmas Eve.  Zach has told me that he is a little cool so I asked Santa to send him a jersey.  Shhh!  I haven’t told the kids yet, hopefully Santa comes through soon and sends that jersey for him so he won’t be cold anymore.

If you still have Christmas planning to do, hope you get it finished up quick.  Christmas Day will be here before we know it!

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